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So long and thanks for all the fish!

Douglas Adams must be thanked!

For penning such a famous sentence; “So long, and thanks for all the fish”. It is what the dolphins said as they flew away from Earth, shortly before it was destroyed by a Vogon Destructor fleet. Obvious really. Anyway, the dolphins were very grateful for all the fish they had been fed and wanted to express their gratitude before flying off into space.



Two projects, many approaches.

Two different projects, many hopes for support.

and all for one purpose getting our films made. The two projects are The Downs and Kung Fu Kilts, the former is a psychological thriller and the latter, our youth action-adventure.

The Downs


“The Downs” – A need for a read!

Script readings save hours of writing.

Yep, it’s true. A few hours spent having a script read-through will save you hours in writing and rewriting. And this Tuesday evening, I was lucky enough to have persuaded six splendid actors to come into Pogo and read through my latest feature screenplay, “The Downs”.

Of course, none of this is rocket surgery [sic], and you would have thought a man of 47 would have had a script-read of a feature script before now, but I hadn’t. Having now achieved this life goal, I am consequently a more complete and self-satisfied, smug middle-aged man. Yay!

But what of the script in the first place? I hear three people yelling. Well Pogo Films needed a micro budgeted feature that fulfilled a number of criteria and as resident writer, I was on it. You shouldn’t write to a budget, I know that. But what happens if whilst thinking with those restrictions, you come up with a good idea? One is hardly likely to throw it out on moralistic grounds and set out to write something much more expensive and maybe more poop!

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    Great Development, Great Films

    From great development, comes great films!

    Not only does this creatively apply to the slate of feature films that we are developing, but also to the innovative method which enables it.

    By using new investment schemes for investors to participate and benefit from an exciting and creative process, we can provide opportunity for creatives to be exactly that – creative!

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